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After more than 40 years experience in research and development in this category, Weston can boast of producing the largest range of exhaust systems for model engines in the world today. Using  a quote from noted engine authority Mike Billington, "to the writer's knowledge, Weston U.K are the only concern currently manufacturing the pure 'minipipe muffler' in full silenced form, and these tests reaffirmed the writer's long-held view that, for the model 2-stroke engine operator, the 'minipipe muffler' remains the most beneficial exhaust extension of all, to fit where general sporting use is envisaged". He further notes "the design's moderate acoustic pulse achieves the best balance of attributes between power increase and sound reductions, combined all in one unit".

Each silencer is hand crafted using a unique one-piece spun aluminium canister and specially hardened, high spec alloy manifold header. The unique selection of material is then given a special heat treatment process, producing an incredibly light (typically 80 gram) exceptionally strong exhaust system. Because of its compact size and light weight, any hobby enthusiast can enjoy vastly increased performance without adversely affecting the CG of their machine. From raw material to finished product, each Weston silencer receives the same high level of attention to detail. Designed for quiet, efficient and power increasing operation, Weston silencers are built to provide years of reliable service.