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High-Tech CDI Spark Ignition System.

These represent the new generation of small spark ignition systems. The Runtronic system is unique, revolutionary, extremely small and light, using electronic capacity discharge method for spark generation. It can be used for engines of any size, 1 or 2 cylinders, two or fourstroke engines. In the case of a 4-cylinder engine a second spark ignition system is added or a spark distributor for multicylinder engines is used.


The Runtronic spark ignition system is provided with an electronic advance and retard circuit for rpm
controlled ignition timing. This feature makes the engine easy to start. The engine will not kick-back, since the ignition point is automatically retarded to start. No mechanical advance and retard device is needed. Total advance and retard range is up to 35 degrees variable but can be strobed to give maximum advance required.

Current drain is very low
-at rest 15mA, 5V supply
-at 12,000 rpm 260mA, 5V supply
The very low standby current will not drain batteries if left on by mistake.

Maximum rpm
- more than 60,000

By converting larger gasoline engines, equipped with magneto ignition systems, you can obtain:
- a smooth running engine
- higher top end rpm
- lower and more reliable idling
- easier starting
- considerable weight saving

Runtronic spark ignition systems have been designed to be extremely rugged and vibration proof. The electronics unit has a built-in spark coil for single or dual output. The unit is fully encapsulated (potted). The power and the sensor leads are connected to a special connection PC board, mounted to metal studs in the electronic unit by means of 3 screws. Those mounting screws also serve as connectors to the circuits in the electronic unit. Changing the Runtronic system to dual output is easily done without any soldering.
The Runtronic ignition system, using 4.8 - 6V power, gives sufficient spark energy for any single or twin cylinder engines. The power supply can be either dry cells, nickel metal hydride or lead acid. The total weight, including power supply, can be as low as 75-85 grams (2.602 oz).

The Runtronic ignition system generates multiple sparks, 3 sparks within 2 degrees of crankshaft rotation up to 4,000RPM and then a single spark thereafter, which greatly enhance starting characteristics.

The power supply is connected by means of a special 3 pin plug. Normal power supply is 4.8V (nmH) but the system will accept any supply voltage between 2.5-6V.

All Runtronic systems are provided with reverse polarity protection.

The dimensions are as follows:

30mm (1.2’’) x 30mm (1.2’’) x 23mm (0.9’’) weight 50g (1.72oz)

The 4300mAh pack that we supply for the ignition system will run it for approximately 20 hours which makes it possible to do more than one race without charging the battery. We also have a facility for putting everything into a waterproof aluminium box, dimensions of which are 125mm x 80mm x57mm. Included in the box is the ignition unit, battery pack, a heavy-duty waterproof switch and charging socket, making one unit which is completely waterproof.

When ordering please advise us of HT lead lengths and sensor lead lengths.