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What we need to know to create a tailor made pipe.


For us to create a tailor made pipe for your airframe and engine we require information to enable us to correctly manufacture the best pipe for you and to ensure that it fits:-

1. We need to know the orientation of the engine. Looking from the front of the airframe. In the example below the head is at 270’



2.We need to know the distance from the face plate of the exhaust outlet of the engine to the outermost part of the airframe, this includes any undercarriage or wings that could be in the way.


3.We need to know if there is any restriction going rearwards, this measurement is done from the centre of the motor exhaust outlet. Depending on the engine orientation this could be the wing or undercarriage.


4.We need to know if there is any side thrust on the fire wall as this will alter the way the pipe lays.

5.We need to know what engine you are going to be using.

6.We need to know what application you intend to use the pipe for 3D and fun fly or speed

7.We need to know the distance from the fire wall to the centre of the engine exhaust port .

8.If the engine is side winder mounted we require some extra measurements. The distance from the centre of the exhaust outlet to the centre of the crank line.



If you need any help with how to measure or would like to get a quote for a custom pipe please contact us using the link above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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