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West engines are designed by Alan Greenfield of Weston UK who has nearly 60 years experience of engine design and development working for several model engine companies. The West engines were previously manufactured to our specification in the Webra factory in Austria. Since the demise of Webra we have bought the crankcase tooling which we have redesigned for the .52 to make it much stronger. Now the engines are manufactured in house with some parts made in Italy and Hungary. Unlike other manufacturers we make two versions of each size engine - one high revving and one high torque. This enables us to achieve more performance than other motors because we can tailor them for their specific use, for example the .51V2 is designed to run at 20,000rpm+ and the .52T2 is designed for high torque at around 12,000rpm. The same with the .36 - the V1 runs at about 23,000rpm and the .52T2 runs at around 14,000rpm. The engines were designed for use primarily in the Weston ARTF range of planes - the high speed V2 motors for the Magnum and Velocity, the high torque T2 engines for the Hype and Capiche .52. Similarly with the .36 the V1 was designed for the mini Magnum and mini Velocity and the .36T2 for the mini Hype and Cougar.